Processing real time AIS data with Sesam

tombech March 1, 2017

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is an automatic tracking system used on marine vessels such as ships, static equipment (such as buoys) and things like search-and-rescue planes. In september 2016 this data was made available to the public. Since AIS has become open data it can be collected by Sesam and used with other open data for insight, to learn and to find connections. The use of this data can create resources, such as applications for employees of The Norwegian Coastal Administration to know which ship they are supposed to be on, at which time and if it is delayed. It can be useful for customers tracking their goods, to se the availability of ships and many other usecases. Seeing the value of this data has resulten in a project on “processing real time AIS data with Sesam”. Ship

This project shows how AIS data can be used with Sesam for tracking the locations of ships registered at The Norwegian Coastal Administration. The example shows that a microservice has to transform the raw form into JSON and then post it to Sesam endpoint. Read more about the technical aspects of this project and the findings in open source.

You can also get a quick introduction to this project through our vlog post: