New member in the product team

ifarshgar July 1, 2021

My name is Abdolrahman Farshar, I’m a 27-year old Software Developer from Iran.
After finishing my degree in Computer Engineering I moved to Cyprus, where I was both pursuing a graduate degree and working as a computer programming teacher. The teaching job was indeed a profound experience since I got the chance and the right motivation to focus on the things that I was responsible for teaching and grasped a deep understanding of them. It is believed that “You never really learn something until you teach it”. Accordingly, teaching is such an effective learning tool.

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Displaying organizational hierarchy for Bouvet

erik-leven palandreassen October 13, 2020

Bouvet is an IT consultancy firm with customers involved in sectors ranging from energy supply to health services. With over 1500 employees in over 100 departments, and data spread across multiple systems, Bouvet uses Sesam’s integration platform to provide customer, event and HR data to their employee page, “Min Side”. Through Min Side employees can look up information regarding themselves, other employees, customers, useful tools and much more. One of Sesam’s responsibilities regarding Min Side is to provide data resembling the organizational structure of Bouvet. The end product is an organizational map where employees can browse the hierarchy and view each department and its employees. Organization map example

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Hafslund Nett App

erik-leven February 11, 2019

In a constantly changing market where users’ needs are constantly evolving, it was important for Hafslund Nett to develop a new app to meet these needs and to make communication with their customers easier. They wanted to make it easier for their customers to get an overview of their power consumption, power outages in the vicinity, meter reading and invoice overview. Hafslund Logo

Hafslund Nett has approximately 720.000 customers in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold. With around 720.000 customers in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, Hafslund Nett is Norway’s largest grid company and the fifth-largest in the Nordic region.

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On summer duty

BaardBouvet July 6, 2018

Here at Sesam we’re using a Team Calendar in Confluence to register holidays. This is a simple tool that shows when people are on holiday for instance. This is how it looks. Holiday calendar

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New guy on support

CraigSeamons June 1, 2018

My name is Craig Seamons, I am 29 years old, and from Fresno, California, USA. I had previously worked for a medium sized IT company in California before moving to Norway. During my time working for that company my daily and weekly tasks were never the same; I had my hands in pretty much everything IT related. After leaving that company and moving to Norway where my wife is from, I started work for Sesam, where I am part of the Support Team.

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New member in the front-end team

branislavjenco March 1, 2018

Hi, my name is Branislav Jenco and I’m a new front-end engineer here at Sesam. I’m 26 and come from Slovakia. I moved to Norway last year after finishing my studies in the Czech Republic. Over the years, I’ve worked as a designer and then a web developer. I enjoy playing with graphics and visualizations but I also love a well designed text-based interface. Lately I’ve been very interested in functional programming and software architecture. I hope to be a valuable member of the product front-end team.

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GDPR Implementation at Hafslund Nett - Part 2

gra-moore January 25, 2018

In the first part of this series we were just getting started helping Hafslund Nett with implementing GDPR. In this second part, we reflect on the first few meetings and report on the technical progress in setting up and using the Sesam GDPR platform

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Processing real time AIS data with Sesam

tombech March 1, 2017

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is an automatic tracking system used on marine vessels such as ships, static equipment (such as buoys) and things like search-and-rescue planes. In september 2016 this data was made available to the public. Since AIS has become open data it can be collected by Sesam and used with other open data for insight, to learn and to find connections. The use of this data can create resources, such as applications for employees of The Norwegian Coastal Administration to know which ship they are supposed to be on, at which time and if it is delayed. It can be useful for customers tracking their goods, to se the availability of ships and many other usecases. Seeing the value of this data has resulten in a project on “processing real time AIS data with Sesam”. Ship

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