New guy on support

CraigSeamons June 1, 2018

My name is Craig Seamons, I am 29 years old, and from Fresno, California, USA. I had previously worked for a medium sized IT company in California before moving to Norway. During my time working for that company my daily and weekly tasks were never the same; I had my hands in pretty much everything IT related. After leaving that company and moving to Norway where my wife is from, I started work for Sesam, where I am part of the Support Team.


Our goal as the Support Team is to assist in any way we can for the other branches of Sesam, to assist & relay information to customers as first point of contact, we are also constantly staying on top of monitoring for new issues that have not yet been detected by customers. We work diligently to provide a service that our customers can rely on and that our product team can count on.

Since coming to Norway I have learned what being cold is really like. In California where I grew up, the coldest we would get is maybe some ice on the windshield. The summers here in Norway have been very nice and a big difference from the 43 Celsius summer days I’m use to back in California. My wife being Norwegian has done a great job on making sure I get the most out of the Norwegian culture, by making me try every kind of traditional Norwegian dish (good thing I like fish). I’ve enjoyed the nature that Norway has to offer as well.