New member in the front-end team

branislavjenco March 1, 2018

Hi, my name is Branislav Jenco and I’m a new front-end engineer here at Sesam. I’m 26 and come from Slovakia. I moved to Norway last year after finishing my studies in the Czech Republic. Over the years, I’ve worked as a designer and then a web developer. I enjoy playing with graphics and visualizations but I also love a well designed text-based interface. Lately I’ve been very interested in functional programming and software architecture. I hope to be a valuable member of the product front-end team.


In my previous job here in Oslo I worked a lot with AngularJS and Node and in the summer of 2016 I worked at CERN on a simple web app using Java in the back-end with jQuery in the front-end. I’m excited to learn more about React here in Sesam. In my free time I like to improvise on my guitar, watch films, play video games and hike.

I’ve been learning Norwegian properly for the past 6 months so I hope to be more or less proficient in the near future. It’s not that hard to follow conversations usually but participating is much more difficult. Learning languages is something I really enjoy because it’s all about finding connections between meanings and syntax, whether it’s within the language or when comparing it to others you know.

You can also find a bit more about me here.